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Fundraising Opportunities

Get involved in Middletown's newest and most spectacular Holiday event. We have an amazing opportunity for you and your organization for raise money. Bring your sports team, boosters club, band, choir etc. to work the beverage garden.  Five-hour shifts are available with each guaranteed a minimum of $250 any additional tips over the $250 go to your fundraiser as well. Volunteers must be 21 or older.
MHW Fundraising Form

November dates & shift times:

Nov. 25th: 5 pm-10pm

Nov. 26th: 12pm-5pm 

Nov. 26th: 5 pm-10pm


December dates & shift times:

Dec. 2nd: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 3rd: 12pm-5pm 

Dec. 3rd: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 9th: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 10th 12pm-5pm 

Dec. 10th: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 16th: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 17th: 12pm-5pm 

Dec. 17th: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 23rd: 5 pm-10pm

Dec. 30th: 5 pm-10 pm


January dates & shift times:

Jan. 6th: 5 pm-10 pm

Jan. 7th: 12pm-5pm 

Jan. 7th: 5 pm-10 pm

Jan. 13th: 5 pm-10pm

Jan. 14th: 12pm-5pm 

Jan. 14th: 5 pm-10 pm

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